David & Kristen . E

Early morning shoots are always the way to go when you're in downtown Chicago, especially when it's an unseasonably warm late October day like it was for this engagement shoot with Kristen and David. These two have such a timeless style and are absolutely adorable together. I'm super excited to have their wedding be my first wedding shoot of 2017! 'Till then, here are some of my favorites from their engagement session :)



San Francisco . Travelogue

After hiking in Big Sur, we drove up to San Francisco, the city of good coffee and rolling hills.  It was my first time seeing the Golden Gate bridge and I can only describe it in one word: majestic. It was a totally different type of majestic from the cliffs of Big Sur, but I was in awe nonetheless. After the bridge, we fought off seagulls for our oysters in true SF fashion and walked around gawking at the gorgeous mix of neutral greys and pastels of the homes surrounding the city. The Painted Ladies in particular got the Full House theme song stuck in my head for the rest of the day, which was both annoying and endearing :) 

Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco


*All photos taken and edited with iPhone

Big Sur . Travelogue

Finally getting around to updating my travelogue. Around this time last year, my old roomie and I went on a girls' trip to Big Sur and San Francisco (travelogue from SF coming up next). Now she has her first kid, so I'm feeling especially grateful for this time we got to spend before life got REAL. Everything you've heard about Big Sur is true... it's incredibly beautiful and pictures absolutely don't do it justice. 


*All photos edited and shot on iPhone

Film . L

Hi friends. Welcome to my first lifestyle post featuring a few of my favorite things captured on my first roll of film. Not going to lie, the camera I borrowed was fully manual and my vision is horrible, so it was a pleasant surprise to have most of them turn out decent. Even the imperfect shots have so much character. Needless to say, I'm hooked. Shoutout to Juno Song for developing these and for letting me borrow his camera. Fellow photogs, any pointers for this noob would be greatly appreciated! 

*All photos shot on Kodak Tri-X 400 with Nikon FM


The Runaway Bride . W

It's finally finally finally here! Back in the fall, I had the awesome opportunity to collaborate with the fabulous women of First Ladies Vintage and Maiden Chicago Beauty for this styled shoot. This was a special collaboration because I've known these ladies since high school and it was amazing to see how far we've all come to use our talents and passions. Our gorgeous model Kathleen posed in some outfits from Niki's vintage clothing line and had her make up and hair by Katherine. 


2015 Family Shoot Favorites

2015 was a year of family. Growing to know and love my own family, I realize just how important and precious they are in my life and how God pictures His unconditional love through the good, the bad and the ugly. Juggling photography gigs, editing sessions, a full time job, and attempting to have a social and family life in between is quite the challenge and while it's important to set goals and start the new year off with ambition, it's easy to get burnt out without taking a step back and having a moment of refection and gratitude.

With that being said, I'm so so grateful to have met so many awesome families through family photoshoots this past year. From newborns, to newlyweds, to teens wanting to surprise their mom with before and after photos, each family was so unique and had such different stories to tell. Thanks to all the families that welcomed me into their lives and allowed me to capture these special moments :) My heart is full for 2016!